About the Format

The Slam format offers teams a four game minimum guarantee.  Teams are allocated into pools to play a round robin. Slams feature 16, 15, 12 or sometimes 10 male and female teams, depending on the sheets available at the host venue. Rules and draw schedules for each slam are emailed to team contacts several weeks prior to the event. There are plenty of coaching opportunities and the last shot draw for hammer values the importance of practising shootouts.

All games are played to eight ends. Each team has two one-minute timeouts. If the score is tied after eight ends, an extra end will be played. The four-rock rule is in effect for all games.  Following the second game in round robin play, teams conduct a shootout to determine seeding should tiebreakers be required. Once the round robin is complete teams will be reseeded based on their record and their shootout score. The top six teams ranked by record and shootout qualify for the playoffs. Any team ranked 11th or lower will be excluded from playoff scenarios. Should teams 7 and 8 have a clear record advantage over team 9 there will be no tiebreakers.  There is a consolation final in each slam event.

The U18 and the U21 slams culminate in Player's Championships each spring. Player's Championships are invitational. The top two teams that make the final in a Slam get an invitation to the championship. The more slams you enter, the greater likelihood you will earn a spot at the championship. Should teams earn multiple berths into the Championships we invite the next-best qualified teams based on total numbers of Slam games won in the season. We also invite provincial, U.S and foreign championship teams to our Player's Championships.Those that qualify will receive an invitation by email.  Finalists are seeded such that teams with fewer slam wins and those with more will meet near the end of the event.