Anti-Bullying Policy

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The Junior Slam Series has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. This applies to athletes, coaches, parents and spectators attending and participating in a Slam event. Every team is responsible for the behaviour of the individuals in its group. For example, if a parent contravenes this policy, it applies to the entire team. This policy applies to behaviour at a Slam as well as to cyber/online references to Junior Slam Series competitions and participants.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from the Slam competition and/or from all future Slams in the curling season and competition fees will not be refunded. Interpretation of this policy is at the discretion of Junior Slam Series. Zero tolerance means one infraction may result in disciplinary action.

Our Definition of Bullying

“Bullying” is deliberately intimidating, taunting, posturing or behaving aggressively toward a person or team, either physically, verbally, psychologically or socially. It can be carried out by one person or several people who are either actively or passively involved. Bullying may take place face to face at a competition or via technology such as a mobile phone.

In a curling context bullying can take many forms, for example:

  • a team purposefully using their bodies or brushes to obstruct the opponent’s view or delivery;

  • an athlete name-calling or taunting an opponent in the change room;

  • spectators or coaches verbally abusing other spectators;

  • an athlete or coach threatening a convenor;

  • an athlete texting insults, rude language or intimidating comments to other competitors;

  • a coach insulting an athlete;

  • a spectator harassing kitchen staff or ice makers at a host club;

Teams or individuals who experience bullying have a duty to report it to the Junior Slam Series staff.

Bullying is more likely to occur in highly competitive situations. The Junior Slam Series recognizes that the desire to win is strong. However, we encourage teams to emphasize enjoyment, team work, sportsmanship and skill development. The Junior Slam Series will apply this policy to ensure that Slams are safe, nurturing competitions for junior athlete development.