Registration 101

Any team with all players meeting age-eligibility may register (under 24 for U21+ Slams, under 21 for U21, under 18 for U18  and under 15 for U15 Slams as of June 30 of the event year). University and College teams are eligible but must comply to USports eligibility and age limits.  We accept and encourage international entries.

Click on the U15 Slams, U18 Slams or U21/U21+ Slams button. Our system requires that you complete and submit separate registrations for each Slam you wish to enter.  Required information includes: Team Name, Club name, Primary Contact, Coach, Skip, Vice, Second, Lead. You may also include a fifth player, but this is not required. If you have players younger than the ages provided in the drop down menu, select the youngest age on the list.  

Once you click Register, you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to pay. We prefer you pay by e-transfer, and we accept cheques. You can register for mulitpleSlams and pay us in one lump sum e-transfer. If you wish to do this, please be sure to add carefully the total Slam fees including HST. You must also send us an email at listing the names of each Slam your payment covers. Cheques are payable to Junior Slam Series, mail to 35 Peregrine Crescent, Cambridge ON N1T 1N9.

Once we have processed and cleared your payment, you will receive an email notification that your team has officially been registered. If we do not receive your payment by our deadline, or if a Slam is full before we receive your payment, your team will be placed on a waiting list. See our Payment, Waiting Lists, Cancellation and Refund Policy.

When you are registered in a Slam, your team is automatically registered for built-in ROCKTalk sessions.  Others may attend ROCKTalks at a cost of $20 and can do so by clicking the ROCKTalk button on our website and registering for the session they wish to attend.  We will email them an invoice for payment.  ROCKTalk fees for non-Slam competitors are payable by the same payment options and are payable prior to the event.