ROCKTalk speakers include sports psychologists, fitness trainers, Olympic medallists, ice makers, top coaches, equipment manufacturers, scientists and so on. Our season 3 speaker lineup features an outstanding array of professionals from the world of sport.

ROCKTalks are short, powerful learning sessions for U18 and U21 curlers and coaches. Most Slams in the Junior Slam Series include a value-added ROCKTalk, giving junior curlers an inside scoop on the hot topics in the sport.

ROCKTalks are usually held Friday evenings at the Slams. They are free to teams (team of 4 or 5 players and one coach) who have registered for the accompanying Slam. Other coaches, athletes, parents and others who wish to attend may purchase tickets for any of our ROCKTalks. Cost is $20 per single ticket.



Themes that are relevant to young teams, like building a career in curling, fitness training, nutrition, strategy sessions, mental toughness and team dynamics are covered. ROCKTalks give athletes and coaches and sometimes parents the opportunity to ask questions and converse one-on-one with our high-profile guest speakers.




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Season One ROCKTalks FREE: 


"When the Mic is On" with Mike Harris

"Sweeping Summit Science"

"Being Coachable, with Earle Morris

"Balancing it All" with John Epping

"Varsity Curling", with Byron Scott


COACHES:  ROCKTalks are eligible for Maintenance of Certification Points with the Ontario Curling Council. A convener or Junior Slam Series staff will circulate an OCC Record of Professional Development attendance form to verify your attendance. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CERTIFICATION NUMBER (NCCP#) WITH YOU. YOU WILL NEED TO RECORD THIS NUMBER ON THE ATTENDANCE FORM TO OBTAIN YOUR POINTS.  

ROCKTalks are endorsed by the Ontario Curling Council.