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Event Update

We continue to closely watch the COVID-19 situation develop in Ontario and across the country. The recent tightening of restrictions in Ottawa, Toronto and Peel region, and the restrictions added on sport in those areas are of particular concern. At this time we wanted to update everyone on our position with respect to recent developments.

Byron and I have decided that in the interest of safety for everyone involved, we will not allow teams and coaches to compete in Junior Slam Series events on subsequent weekends. Our own staff will also be following this precaution by not convening on back to back weekends.

There has also been some discussion around possibly limiting participants based on their home, limiting those travelling from Stage 2 areas to compete in our events. We both agree that if the province gets to a situation where we would have to consider where each participant is coming from, we shouldn’t be running these events at all.

We will continue to monitor the situation, most especially over the next week and will keep everyone informed. 

In the interim, we would like to announce that the next two events,  the U18 Orion Slam and the U21 Sapphire Slam, that we are planning are now posted on the Junior Slam Series website. Event tickets will be made available at 5:00 on Wednesday, October 14.

– Stephen & Byron