With 22 Slams (and counting), we are hard at work planning our biggest season yet. When you register, watch for the great hotel accommodation deals we have negotiated for our teams and another great lineup of ROCKTalk speakers.

Spread the word!
If you know of young teams new to competitive curling, or athletes who have newly aged out of junior curling, please help us spread the word about our new U15 and U21+ age categories. U15 Slams are two-day events that combine competition with skill development, coaching opportunities and on- and off-ice learning. Our new U21+ age category opens some of our U21 Slams to teams with players up to age 24 as of June 2018 including single-gender varsity curling teams. The goal of an expanded U21 age limit is to provide a mutually beneficial experience, allowing young adult players who have newly ‘aged out’ of juniors the affordability and high-performance competition of a Slam and giving our younger athletes the chance to play “up” to a higher skill level.

Thank you for participating in the Junior Slam Series and get ready to rock for another fabulous season!

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