Slam finalists in each of our 2018 U21+ events will be invited to participate. Invitees have until Feb 25, 2019 to accept, open entries will be accepted after Feb 26, 2019. Only 16 entries will be accepted.

This year’s U21 Players Championship will be run using an all new format – Modified Skins. Teams will earn prize money for every end you win, with the stakes increasing with every end played in the round robin, and the total value of the skins increasing dramatically Throughout the Championship Round.

In our Modified Skins format, the hammer changes team after every end regardless of whether the skin was won or not. This guarantees an equal number of hammers for each team. Last stone draw provides the winning team with choice of hammer in the first or last end, and skins carry over as normal. If the last skin is not won it is determined by a draw to the pin. Total winnings during the round robin determines qualification for (and seeding in) the Championship Round. Our team draw to the pin will be used as the final tiebreaker as normal.

This event is also open to college and university teams provided they fall within the U21+ age range. Skins is a terrific format to learn as it is generally more offensive than a regular game. We encourage international entries as well..

Come join us in St Catharines for a spectacular event.

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U21+ Players Championship
March 22, 2019
to March 24, 2019
All Day
$495 + HST
St. Catharines Golf & Country Club
70 Westchester Avenue,
St. Catharines, ON L2R 3P4
St. Catharines Golf and Country Club has a "smart casual" dress code. This club offers 6 sheets of top rate curling ice with bar and food service available in curling lounge only.
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