The New Tour for Saskatchewan Junior Curlers

Over the past 2 years CurlSask and the Junior Slam Series have discussed the formation of a Junior Curling Tour for Saskatchewan. Finally in June of 2022 CurlSask and the Junior Slam Series announced the formation of the new Junior Curling Tour of Saskatchewan (JCTS).

“The Junior Curling Tour of Saskatchewan was created to allow the youth in the province exposure to and pathways within the sport both recreationally and in pursuit of athletic excellence, allowing development of teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, and skills for athletes and coaches alike, ” said Pat Simmons, High Performance Director of CURLSASK.

The new tour will bring together CURLSASK’s U15 Triples, U18 Fours Spiels, and the Junior Slam Series U21 Fours and Mixed Doubles events.

The Junior Slam Series are delighted to create 3 new U21 Fours events, and 2 new U21 Mixed Doubles pre-qualification events and a final MD Qualification final in Saskatchewan. This will be the first time a team from Western Canada will qualify as Team Canada 1 for the NJCT MD World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden in April 2023.

Registration for each of the U21 Sask Cups and the U21 NJCT MD Pre-qualifiers are now open via the Junior Slam Series website.

U15 and U18 Events

The U15 and U18 Specs are an opportunity for Saskatchewan young curlers to enjoy the game, practice their skills, and meet curlers from across Saskatchewan.  

“For 15 years, the U15 and U18 spiels have played an integral role in CURLSASK’s youth programming and will continue to support the development of our next wave of provincial champions and lifelong curlers,” said Dustin Mikush, CURLSASK Community Development Manager. “We are thrilled to partner with the Junior Slam Series, which will see two new U15 Spiels played alongside the U21 Sask Cup 2 (Yorkton) and and Sask Cup 3 (Swift Current).  Hainvg our U15 teams play on the sheets next to the U21’s creates an extra layer of excitement for them and will hopefully drive them to want to continue playing as they age up.”

The full schedule off events, event details, age requirements, registration, and points standings are available on  Registration for any U15 or U18 event for the JCTS will be done via CurlSask’s website.