Understanding the Slam Format

The Slam format offers a guaranteed minimum number of curling games over a two or three day weekend, usually four games guaranteed. Slams are held in premium curling clubs. The atmosphere at a Slam balances the intensity of on-ice competition with relaxed off-ice learning and opportunities to socialize and mingle.

The Junior Slam Series is for teams of all levels of competitive experience, attracting mature high-performance teams from Canada, the U.S. and Europe as well as young teams and newcomers to competition. Slams cater to U12, U15, U18, U20 age groups in single-gender and Mixed Doubles formats. Slams are generally dual gender combining a mens and women event into the same weekend. We also combine age groups on the same weekends to maximize the use of the facility and also showcase the pathway athletes can pursue as they grow in the sport.  Slams strongly emphasize the traditional spirit of curling. We guide teams to the rules of etiquette and good sportsmanship and to conduct themselves with dignity and respect for others.

Our event formats generally use Pool Play where teams are seeded and allocated to play a round robin. The size of the events vary based on the size of the host club and sheets of ice available. We run events running the gambit from 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, to 20 teams a side. Specific rules and draw schedules for each Slam are prepared in an event info kit that is available on the junior slam website and emailed to team contacts several weeks prior to the event.

All games are played to six, eight or ten ends (depending on age group) and the five-rock rule is in effect for all games. We use skill based competition for all aspects from pre-game practice to last shot draw to determine hammer. We use Last Stone Draw scoring collectively through the round robin as a tie-breaking method. Once the round robin is complete teams are reseeded based on their win/loss record and shootout score. Playoff qualification numbers vary based on size of the event. Participating teams know all the details of the event well before they hit the ice.

The Junior Slam Environment

Junior Slams are self-regulating competitions and terrific learning environments.

That being said, we also want parents, coaches, athletes and fans to have FUN while on site.  After all… this is a game!

Here are a few of things you need to know about the Junior Slam environment:

  • We are athlete centric. We take great pride in keeping the event well organized, vibrant and encourage the athletes to have FUN.
  • We play music in the viewing area. It keeps the environment loose, entertaining, and FUN. Tap your feet, sing along, throw us some requests. We encourage the parents, spectators and fans to enjoy our environment.
  • Most of our event convenors are or were junior curlers, students, athletes and have the same passion for the game as the athletes we serve. They have been on both sides of the glass. Interact with them, they don’t bite.
  • All of our staff are fully Safe Sport, Rowan’s Law and Health & Safety trained and supported.
  • Our sponsors are important to us. Sometimes they provide samples or giveaways, have marketing collateral, set up booths and generally show their support junior curling. Show your support for them by giving them a Thank You at the least, it goes a long way.
  • We use our technology a lot, we take pictures, shoot video, post to social media and do everything in our power to promote the game, the athletes, coaches and environment. We encourage you to interact with us online, use our website and Live Scores to follow your team. We celebrate and promote our sport at every opportunity. Get involved, participate, share your stories and experiences with your friends, families and community. We do!