Education is one of our core beliefs and we consider Junior Slam competitions active learning environments. It’s not just about what happens on the ice. Our thoughts are why not combine great competition with great learning? 

In addition to playing competitive games we throw in the mix an opportunity to learn from the best and brightest in the game with off ice learning. Our ROCKTalk speaker series brings Slam participants access to some of the games biggest stars, some of the games biggest topics, all designed to inform and educate.


NOTE: We suspended the ROCKTalk program just prior to Covid-19.  We are currently examining the opportunity to bring it back soon.  More information to follow.

Our speaker list has included:

Top Athletes:

Glenn Howard, John Epping, Sherry Middaugh, Wayne Middaugh, Lisa Weagle, Heather Smith, Morgan Court, Mike Harris

Top Coaches / Educators:

Adam Kingsbury, Earle Morris, Scott Arnold, Jennifer Ferris

Top Subject Matter Experts:

Dr Chrisa Homenick PhD, Al Bodnarchuk, Bill Duck, Stephanie Thompson, Nicole Westlund-Stewart, Zack Shurtleff, George Karrys