Most frequent questions and answers

Entering a Junior Slam is a good investment. Your team will get 6 -14 hours* of curling competition and premium opportunities for athlete development. Your team is also entitled to:

  • Free LiveStones streaming with Curl Coach at the Slam

Junior Slam Series’ fees are in line with what is charged by other competitions at this level. Slam fees vary. We provide a central registration website, Live Scoring, the JTRS Leaderboards, Team listings, deep fields of teams and promotional social media exposure for teams and their sponsors. Our model ensures that host clubs receive an ice rental fee and that all costs of running the event are covered. Slam fees also cover an allocated prize purse.

Our prize purses are set in direct correlation to the amount of participating teams. Prize purses vary by size of event and factor in costs of operating the event. Prize purse is allocated on a sliding scale from a typical Championship (+/- $1200) to Championship Round Qualifiers (+/- $200). We disclose the final prize winnings to the teams that win a payout during playoff games.

Our Mixed Doubles series of Slams are run as qualifiers. Like any other event a portion of Entry fees is used to cover ice rental and other costs associated with running an event, but the majority of the entry fees goes towards sending the qualifying teams and Junior Slam Series event chaperones to the NJCT Player Players Championship in Sundbyburg, Sweden in the spring.

For the Pre-Qualifier events, the winning teams earn an automatic entry to the NJCT Qualifier. Other teams earn an invitation based on their earned points for their best two events.

The emphasis at Junior Slam Series Events is on playing to improve rather than playing to win prize money. The Junior Slam Series is athlete-centric and development is the key. Our goal is to grow the game and prepare every junior curler for the future. We strive to add value for ALL athletes and coaches, to make the Junior Slams a learning and training opportunity for those who win AND those who don’t. Prize money is provided as a nice bonus for teams that have a good weekend.

At the Slams, we’ve modernized the post-event follow up. Rather than present an over-sized cheque or trophy to a diminished crowd of spectators at the venue, we feature our finalists to a wide audience on social media. Our winners and runners-up are photographed in front of our Junior Slam Series backdrop. We then celebrate their achievements online with instant announcements on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds.