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Challenge de curling de Gatineau – Crystal Slam Update

For immediate release: April 23, 2019 – “The president of the Buckingham Curling Club (BCC), host of the first ten editions of the Challenge de curling de Gatineau, announced that there will not be another edition of this major international event this year. This decision was taken after a mutual agreement with the Challenge’s coordination committee lead by Mr. Richard Faguy.

The organization and the holding of the Challenge de curling de Gatineau requires a significant administrative effort and mobilization of many volunteers and specialized technicians. This year, the departure of many key actors within this work force left no choice but to pull the plug on this event.

Presented as part of the activities highlighting the 100th anniversary of the Buckingham Curling Club, the tenth and last edition of the Challenge was a memorable one with participation of 112 teams from Canada (7 provinces), the United States, Scotland, Switzerland and China. This last edition of the Challenge had notably expanded by hosting, for the first time in Quebec, a tournament of the Junior Slam Series.” – Mr Jean St.Pierre – Buckingham Curling Club

With this recent major announcement the Junior Slam Series will explore alternate options for the Crystal Slam for the upcoming season. We certainly recognize and acknowledge the tremendous amount of organization and work the entire BCC team put into the Challenge de curling de Gatineau and thank them for the opportunity last year to include the Junior Slam Series in its 100th anniversary celebration.

The Crystal Slam was a huge success as part of the greater Challenge de curling de Gatineau celebration, providing junior curlers across Canada and internationally a taste of arena ice, top ice conditions and an incredible strength of field. Considering this recent development we will not be confirming the Crystal Slam in our Season 4 schedule at this time. Over the coming months we will work hard to determine the best options to create alternate arena ice opportunities for the junior curling community and will communicate our plans at the earliest convenience.