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Junior Slam Series COVID-19 Protocol

Special Rules for a Special Time

As we move closer to announcing our first events for the season, a lot of work has gone into developing a protocol for how we will run events that are as safe as they can be for everyone involved. We started with the guidelines from Curling Canada and CurlOn as well as the rules for return to play from the Ontario Government, and looked for ways to go beyond those requirements to provide the safest environment we could.

We then talked to a lot of people, including coaches, athletes, club managers and medical professionals to fine tune our protocol into something we felt confident would allow us to run events that were both safe for everyone involved and provided a meaningful opportunity for teams to develop. That led to changes in the size of the events, how we manage game time, how many games we schedule in a day, who can attend and a many other details, too many to count. 


Today we are publishing our most recent version of that protocol, in advance of announcing any events in order to allow the athletes, coaches and parents to see what we are planning and make their own informed decisions about whether they are interested in participating.

Read the Full Protocol

For details on the COVID-19 protocol, please download the attached PDF document.


We encourage constructive feedback on this protocol, however please remember, the Junior Slam Series has the sole and final decisions on how we choose to run them. You have the sole and final right on whether or not to participate.  If you have a viewpoint or comment to share with us, please, send it to