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NJCT U21 Mixed Doubles Qualification Process Update

NJCT Mixed Doubles Team Canada Selection Process Update

We are excited to announce an update to our Mixed Doubles Team Canada Selection Process for the upcoming 2024 NJCT U21 Mixed Doubles event in Stockholm, Sweden in April of 2024.  Firstly, this has been a challenging year for event scheduling with a large number of events running and the lack of weekends available to run our qualifiers without negatively impacting existing events for the U21 and U18 age groups.

We have made the decision to leverage the existing Ontario schedule for our pre-qualification events for the NJCT U21 Mixed Doubles process.  Our third and final Pre Qualifier (PQ#3) will take place on Feb 17-18, 2024 in Dundas, Ontario.  This event will be split into 2 age groups, U21 & U18, each with their own MDTRS points opportunity. Splitting this event allows both age groups to earn valuable MDTRS points towards qualification to the NJCT selection event March 8-10, 2024 also in Dundas.  This will be the last chance for both age groups to earn points with the goal of qualifying for the final competition to become Team Canada at the world event. Registration is now open for both events.

 Team Canada 1 & Team Canada 2 selection process

After significant discussion, we’ve made the decision to select both Team Canada 1 & Team Canada 2 from the Ontario qualification system. The top 8 MDTRS ranked teams, resulting from the 3 pre-qualifiers, will receive an invite to the final qualification event, March 8-10, 2024 at Dundas Valley Golf and Country Club. A modified playoff structure will be implemented at this event to select the 2 teams headed to Sweden.