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Season 4 Schedule

Here it is… our Season 4 Schedule.

Season 4 is another year of growth for the Junior Slam Series. Many of your favourite slams are back for another year and we are introducing some new ones for you to consider in your season planning. We’ve organized the schedule by age category for easy planning. Whether you fall under U21+, U18, U15 or Mixed Doubles we have events for you.

Our schedule is constantly evolving, and we are still in negotiation with potential host clubs in markets in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. Once confirmed, we expect to add additional events to the schedule, and posted to our website and registration system.

Rest assured our event creation and host selection process is researched and detailed. We maintain a master schedule of junior events (that we can find) across Canada and continually update as new information becomes available. We work tirelessly to identify and enhance opportunities to provide competitive events in all markets where we operate without directly interfering with existing youth events. We do our homework.

Registration for Season 4 events will commence Wednesday May 15 at 5:00 EST. As a reminder events fill up fast, some within hours. Be prepared: If you manage a team and are planning on bringing a team to a Junior Slam Series event next year, we strongly recommend that you create an account (Click on ‘Register’ at the top of this page). You can add your team once they are ready to compete in any of our events. Registration is absolutely FREE, and enables the team to register for Slam events easily through our web site. Register now and be ready for when our schedule ‘Goes Live’ for registrations on May 15.

If you are interested in finding out about new events and occasional other announcements from the Junior Slam Series, we encourage you to sign-up for Junior Slam News at the bottom of this page. Simply provide an email address. We promise we won’t send out emails too often. If you are have already registered* then you will automatically get the occasional message from us.