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Spring 2023 Update

For Spring 2023 we are pleased to make the following updates to our Season 7 Schedule.

NJCT Mixed Doubles qualifiers and final are back with modifications

One of our signature events, the NJCT Mixed Doubles Pre-qualifiers and Qualification event, have some modified dates and adjustments.  Reminder that again this year we will again be sending 2 teams to the NJCT World Mixed Doubles Championship in Stockholm, Sweden in April of 2023.  

For Ontario, our final qualification event will run Feb 19/20 at Dundas Valley.  We have modified this qualification to qualify 4 teams to the final qualification event for Sweden.  There will be a U18 and a U21 event the same weekend.  Each age category will play within their age group to qualify 2 teams.  There will be 2 U18 and 2 U21 teams advancing to our final event April 7-9.

The final qualification event will see 8 teams compete, 6 from Pre-Qualification and 2 JSS invitational teams, April 7-9, 2023.  This final event is for the right to be Team Canada 1 in the NJCT World MD Championship in Stockholm Sweden, April 19-23, 2023.

For Saskatchewan, we will have an updated calendar for the final NJCT Qualification event shortly.  Please stay tuned on how to qualify to e Team Canada 2 in Sweden.

U15 Development Events

Whether you are a team of 3 or 4, boys or girls, or mixed, our U15 events are for you.  This year we have 3 U15 events in spring of 2023.  Back from Season 6 are the Meteor and Comet Slams, and new for 2023 a U15 division Skins Game at our season ending Players Championship.  These events are about learning and gameplay.  We will be using the full Curling Canada Enhanced Coaching Interaction protocols to give coaches far more access to the team and opportunities to learn.  These are open entry events and will include a meal and fun activities between games.  There will be no prize money offered for this age group, just lots of enhanced learning opportunities.

New Continental Cup Format Slam Event – March 31 – Apr 2

You’ve probably seen it on TV or attended the Continental Cup in person but now its your time to try the format first hand.  This new event is all about FUN.  This event will be open to 10 women’s and 10 men’s teams only.  Teams can be of any age group, U21, U18, U15…

The competition will see registered teams broken into two balanced squads of 5 men’s and 5 women’s teams where each squad will play single gender games, break into mixed teams, and then play mixed doubles games, with each game worth points.  The combined points earned by each squad will ultimately lead to a squad champion.

This event will offer no prize money but all athletes / teams will get squad hoodies, enjoy snacks between games and enjoy this fantastic format.  Coaches are not required but certainly will be welcome to experience the format, the fun and the experience.

Registration will close March 1 to give us time to order the apparel for the event.

Our Skins Game is back – Apr 14 – 16

This year’s Skins Game is back and open to all age groups and teams of any format.  It is a great event to finish off the year.  The skins format sees teams win $ for every end won. If you’ve played it before you know its about offence, high scores and lots of fun.  If you are new to it, give it a try.  The event is open to a max of 20 teams of any age group.